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Why Does God Want to Kill Me?

By Mario D Garrett Ph.D. We are meant to die. It is nature's way of making our species survive. But our strategy as humans has been to develop a large brain and to live longer, to which there's a downside. ...read more Source:: psychologytoday.com

By | 2017-09-20T09:49:33+00:00 September 20th, 2017|Anxiety|Comments Off on Why Does God Want to Kill Me?

Early Adolescence and the Fear of Change

By Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D. Although parents sometimes feel critical of adolescent changes, they should also be admiring: Separating from childhood and starting to grow takes a lot of courage. ...read more Source:: psychologytoday.com

By | 2017-09-18T04:32:26+00:00 September 18th, 2017|Anxiety|Comments Off on Early Adolescence and the Fear of Change

The Power of Placebo

By Steve Taylor Ph.D. The placebo effect is more than belief - again and again, it has been shown to produce real physiological and neurological changes. Does this mean that the mind can heal the body? ...read more Source:: psychologytoday.com

By | 2017-09-16T12:54:36+00:00 September 16th, 2017|Anxiety|Comments Off on The Power of Placebo
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