Cameron Park Counseling Center
The Caring Place…

Because you sometimes have a special need, we have assembled a team of highly trained therapists with expertise in the various aspects of mental health care.

We are a multi disciplinary practice with providers who span the entire range of treatment specializations and treatment approaches and modalities. We are a fully staffed office with a full time practice administrator and a full time receptionist to assist the caller in being matched with the best suited therapist.

Some of our services we offer are Psychotherapy/Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy, Individuals, Couples, Adolescence, Court Ordered Evaluations, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Employee Assistance Counseling, Fitness for Duty Evaluations, Forensic Evaluations, Mediation,Collaborative Divorces with Attorneys, Mediation Services,Co Parenting,Brain Paint/Biofeedback. So call us today


Depression Treatments

We offer multi-cultural counseling and have French, Spanish, and Sign Language speaking therapists in our clinic.